Effective Planning When Travelling With A Group

Effective Planning When Travelling With A Group

Planning a trip away can be hard enough at the best of times but planning a trip away for a larger number of people often creates even more difficulties. Fortunately, travelling in large groups has many advantages to counteract the trouble you might have when planning.

As well as the fun you are bound to have getting away with a group of friends, the financial savings seen when travelling in numbers are considerable. Where you are likely to see the biggest savings is when booking the accommodation.


Group holidays are often best suited to villa accommodation. On top of the difficulties which often arise when trying to book a large group of people into the same hotel, there is rarely any financial benefit to doing so.

Hotels are often suited to couple or family holidays. When there is a sizeable group looking to stay together, villas tend to be a safer bet. With private accommodation, you can live communally with fewer concerns about other guests. As we’ve already mentioned, the cost of accommodation is also hugely decreased when sharing the cost of a rented villa or house.

The financial benefit of staying in a villa isn’t limited to the booking cost. You can also expect to save a considerable amount by cooking communally. Trips to the local food market and sharing the cooking duties in the evening also add to the overall enjoyment of your time away.


Wherever you are staying, you are likely to want to get out and about as a group. Access to public transport and its cost will vary depending on your destination. However, with a large group the logistics of getting all of your party from A to B can often become confusing and troublesome.

A far better option is for your group to look into hiring your own transport when you arrive, or even booking it in advance from home. Whether you rent a van big enough for your entire party or a number of small cars is down to personal preference and the level of independence you all hope to get whilst away.

Whichever sort of vehicle your party decides to rent, you can be sure that doing so will save you time and stress when it comes to mobilising the troops to the local beach resort or city. When you arrive at your destination, you will realise that you simply cannot overestimate the significance of the freedom which having your own transport lends you during your stay.


How large groups choose to split the cost of their holiday will inevitably depend on a number of personal factors. Whatever your group decides on, it might be worth considering creating a communal kitty for a number of reasons. One of the foremost scenarios in which this can be helpful is when it comes to paying for group meals. When you’ve finished your meal at the end of a perfect day abroad, nobody will want to argue over who pays for how much and communal funds can resolve this situation in an instant.